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American V-Twin Motorcycles

Maintenance would be the services required to ensure your motorcycles longevity. These services include oil changes, tire balancing, brake pads replacement, and more. Most Harley Davidson’s and V-Twin’s have a certain maintenance schedules recommendations that will tell you what needs to be done and when. You can find this recommended maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual or on the internet.

Computer Diagnostics
Safety Analysis
Driving Problems
Oil Changes
Brake repair
Exhaust Systems

Repairs are needed when a part is not working correctly. Either the part has malfunctioned or it has become worn to the point where the part needs to be replaced in order to maintain the performance of your Harley Davidson or V-Twin.

Make sure that you perform both maintenance and necessary repairs. It will keep your Harley Davidson or American V Twin running smoother for longer. Plus, by doing routine maintenance you will maintain the validity of your factory warranty and extended warranty if applicable.

To ensure longevity, all Harley Davidson and American V Twin motorcycles must be serviced at regular intervals. For the most part, services are conducted at regular mileage intervals. We know any product is only as good as the service backing it up. With Steel Knuckle Customs You’ll be back on the road in no time!
Steel Knuckle Customs offers a Full Service Department. We specialize in American Built Motorcycles (Harley Davidson, Buell, Big Bear Choppers, Big Dog Choppers, American Iron Horse, Indian Cycles, etc.). Our Shop offers Maintenenance, Engine Repair & Upgrades, Handlebar Installations, Wheel & Tire Packages, and Parts and Accessories.

Steel Knuckle Customs are Certified Harley Davidson Technicians and are an S&S Cycles Authorized Dealer.

Choose Steel Knuckle Customs as We are trusted as pro’s when it comes to our Harley Davidson Repair and Service in South Florida, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach,Boca Raton and all of Palm Beach County. Our reputation is stellar in our industry!

Contact us now for your service appointment.

American V-Twin Motorcycles

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