Who We Are?

I will introduce myself as Jay-Tee. I opened Steel Knuckle Customs  because of my love of  Harley Davidson and all American and V Twin  motorcycles, and follows with all makes and models of American trucks and cars. The deep passion I have for Harley Davidson’s started when I was a child, taking everything apart that I could get my hands on just to know how it worked. As I grew older my projects grew larger…Bicycles, go-carts, mini bikes, cars, motorcycles etc…Here I am with my dream “Steel Knuckle Customs” a complete customization,service and repair shop. What we bring to the custom motorcycle and automobile shop world is the ability to create unique design with cutting edge craftsmanship and dedication to your project.

About Steel Knuckle Customs

Steel Knuckle Customs is a customization motorcycle shop based in Boynton Beach located in Palm Beach County, specializing in All American and V Twin Motorcycles . Steel Knuckle Customs listens to our customer wants and desires then shapes that into their dream machine. Steel Knuckle Customs can make your vision a reality, from beginning to end your dream on 2 wheels.

Their are many custom motorcycle shops in South Florida,so where do you get your work done? Steel Knuckle Customs! Our shop is a clean, organized shop with a no nonsense attitude. We ride….so we know what you would expect from a motorcycle shop period!

Want references? No problem….how many? We can supply a list of satisfied customers, Steel Knuckle Customs has everything from from parts to apparel for any motorcycle rider type.

“South Florida’s custom aftermarket parts and accessories for Harley Davidson”

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